MINO Four-high Roughing Mill and Six-high Intermediate/Finishing Mill successfully commissioned

On November 2014, the Final Acceptance Test Certificate of MINO Four-High Roughing Mill and MINO  Six-High Intermediate/Finishing Mill in Anhui Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd.  has been signed.

These two mills represent the state of the art of the technology of the cold rolling of copper and copper alloys strip. They are able, together, to process the overall thickness range from 17 mm down to 0,1 mm and to produce strips which comply with the strictest quality requirements of the  market.

The Four-High Roughing Mill and the Six-High Intermediate/Finishing Mill are equipped, respectively, with MINO AGC system and  MINO AGC/AFC system and with the complete  L1 and L2  systems.

During final acceptance test, the performance of the mill was verified and the result  exceeded by far the  contractual values of the flatness and thickness performances. Such outstanding result has been achieved through MINO commitment in the continuous improvement of mechanical design, automation architecture and technological models.

Anhui Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Wuhu Economic and Technical Development Zone. Anhui Xinke New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Company, which is considered a “key high-tech enterprise” in Anhui Province, includes a provincial Technology Centre and five production plants.

Four-High Roughing Mill:

Type of alloys: Copper and copper alloys
Max. entry strip width 660 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 17 mm
Min.  exit strip thickness 0,5 mm
Max. coil weight 8,5 t
Max. rolling force 1500 t
Max. rolling speed 450 m/min.

Six-High Intermediate/Finishing Milll:

Type of alloys: Copper and copper alloys
Max. entry strip width 630 mm
Max. entry strip thickness 3 mm
Min.  exit strip thickness 0,1 mm
Max. coil weight 8 t
Max. rolling force 570 t
Max. rolling speed 600 m/min.